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September 23, 2007



Nice! I hope they finally make it to the west coast...


Jeff, the new songs sounded great, and the band never disappoints live. Always a must see.


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I was going to say what Ed said about a radio guy knowing how easy it is to get axed over something said on the air and therefore not wishing such a thing on his enemies. You never know what end of the karma you'll be on. But the revenge factor is universally understood. I'll bet O'Reilly would love for Olbermann to get his ass sued for something he said on the air and vice versa.

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But enough of insects for now. You may be asking what this has all got to do with YOU? As usual, I'm leading you along a path and toward a target, however unexpected, convoluted, and latent. In the next few posts.

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What a rocking concert!


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rdhtdshrteu6ydytduiyetret It's so nice to see you crafting and posting again! I think the knitted pizza slice really completes the set - so cute! Fun to see crochet and knit together, so few people are interested in both, it seems!

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I totally agree about cats, and if you're able to put together a symposium consisting exclusively of like-minded folks -- those cat-loving wing-nuts can have their own dang symposium! –

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