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May 16, 2007



You and you alone, AC are the only reason why i will give these dudes a second chance. I heard their record. Headache in three seconds or less. But I trust your judgement. i will let you know my thoughts on these so called Spank rockers.



I've talked to a lot of people who can't stand Spank Rock and look at me like I have two heads when I try to explain why I like the album. So I can see why you didn't like the album at first. Also, i feel like these guys are more of a live band. The songs have a different context when the dance music is pumping and the crowd is going wild.


Great write-up and pics, AC. I'm somewhat indifferent to Spank Rock's music but I could see how it could work in a live context.



how you gonna compliment me on my pics when you know yours are blowing mine out of the water?

gracias man,
such a dope show.



I have not ever even attempted to listen to Spank Rock's "YOYOYO" album, but today I may give it a listen just because of this article. One.



Your opinion seems to be the prevailing one. I admit it's hard to get into a few songs in the confines of your home or on the Ipod.

C'mon man, you're doing your thing and it was a dope show all around.

What's up Dart?? Spank Rock might not be your cup of tea but a quick listen wont kill ya. Nice comic book drop. I went digging through my boxes for some of those titles but I think those are the books that I disrespected and eventually tossed in the garbage can. wish I hadn't.


Shadecontrol -- my thoughts exactly. Me giving Spank Rock a chance comes ONLY after reading this write-up.

Floodwatch -- AC's snaps continually have me saying, "Wow, AC really does take fine photos!"

AC -- Job well done dude. You and your camera for hire? Great pics, all the time!


um, did u notice john brown from the white rapper show? "ghetto revival"?

that shit was pathetic.



I think he was supposed to perform a few more songs but they yanked him off stage when everyone started booing, rightfully so.


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