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April 27, 2007



Great list AC. The commentary is really stellar.

Peter Divito

very nice list, nice to see the main ingredient made it on there. i don't read many other people who consider dare to be redman's strongest effort.


"Yo! Bum Rush the Show"?!? Such an odd inclusion - I love it. Great list all around, AC, and your commentary is on point. I'm glad "Dare Iz a Darkside" is showing up on a lot of these lists.


Jeff: thanks a lot, I had a blast putting this list together.

Peter: Dare Iz a Darkside is by far my favorite Red Album. Did you read this months issue of XXL? Red said he wrote Dare tripping off Acid. He said he would wake up at night and see the devil next to his bed and he tried to get that feeling down on wax.

Flood: It's kinda weird picking Bum Rush over their other albums but for some reason I have this infinity for it, go figure.


i've read a bunch of these lists today, and i think this is the best one so far. so i pose this question to you: how is it possible that all day i haven't seen a single vote for the self-titled debut album from CYPRESS HILL?!?!?!


oh yeah but i do have to give props for throwing jeru on there


Roy: It seems like Cypress Hill, 2Pac, southern rap (excluding Outkast) and a few others are getting a little short changed on these lists. I thought about Cypress Hill's first album but it didn't make the cut. I'm also bummed that I couldn't squeeze Ice Cube's Predator in. But you do make an excellent point: Cypress Hill has been phased out. I guess the people (bloggers) have spoken.


great list...

how about EPMD's Strictly Business?



EPMD have only made a handful of the top 25 lists floating around. In general, '80's rap has been short-changed. Either people have slept on EPMD or they just weren't around when these guys were owning shit. We need some bloggers in their 30's.


i would volunteer if i weren't so fuckin' lazy...

I Fux aka Willy Swagger

Wassup My Dude I had to come in and check your list, I gather you might be a little older than me so I may have to pick up some of the albums on your list I havent thoroughly listened to yet. `1


Killer list AC. Sad to see Big Daddy Kane was not included, but hey, guess there's only room for 25.

proformer numeral uno

ok list but i would change things n this is based on my listening expeirence growing up
2.ready to die-notorius b.i.g
3.the future is now-non phixion
4.the chronic-dr.dre
5.36 chambers-wu tang clan
6.things fall apart-the roots
7.deadly by design-jedi mind tricks
8.hard to earn-gangstarr
9.the platform-dialated peoples
10.stricly bizness-epmd
if you disagree just check out the albums they speak for themselves


Twerkolator: get of that couch now! seriously, you don't have to make three drops a day like Dallas Penn. And you can single handedly restore EPMD's legacy.

Ifux: It was your list that made me go back and listen to soul food, thanks.

Li: I have much love for Kane but he just missed the cut.

proformer numeral uno: I've never heard any material from Non Phixion, so I'll give the future is now a listen. Speaking of Dilated Peoples, have you listened to The Weatherman?


evryone sleeps on ice cube - granted his later work is a joke, but you need to listen to 'death certificate' and recognize... and listing the artifacts is obviously personal indulgence.

but don't mind me! good piece!


Listening to the Artifacts is clearly personal indulgence. Secondly, I like Cube a lot. I have all of his albums and I know the predator like the back of my hand. It almost made my list and it was the one album I felt bad not including.

NeNe D0pEneSz

did ervy wun forget bout pun

capital punishment waz wun ov da illest


Personally I'd include
De La Soul - stakes is high
Smif N Wessun - Dah Shinin
Wee Bee Foolish - Brighton Beach Memoirs
Cella Dwellas - Realms 'N Reality
InI - Center Of Attention

and leave:
Dare Iz A Darkside
The Blueprint
The Great Adventures of Slick Rick
Between A Rock And A Hard Place

just beacause I like those albums way more, I don't really care much 'bout historical value. It comes down to taste anyway


There is nothing by 2pac on this list therefore making it void. Great effort though...



I wasn't about to put a greatest hits album on my list, therefore, No 2 Pac. thanks for checking out the blog.


??? where is 2pac ??? LOL Nas ? !!! fucking nothing !!! man i dont know who the fuck u are but i think u are psycho. Your First ten albums are totally shit. I listened them all believe me. Only real Rap Stars are tupac ,biggie ,NWA. Older albums of dr. dre and snoop dogg isnt bad too. Start to listen something normal no this shit and please dont write total bullshit in future


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