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March 27, 2007



Thanks for the concert review I was wondering if I should pick this up or not. After listening to the new single it peaked my interest.


Nice pics, AC... Actually, the new record isn't that bad - Brother J is still in fine form. Though one does miss those "Sissseeeee"s!



Reading this drop a second time made me remember that night exactly as you described it. Bro J aint fall off. I did. He still has the skills and his flow wasn't dated at all.

I know you'll never forget the show because of the almost eye surgery procedure that the spearchucker gave you. You don't know how fun it is to be able to say that word publicly - spearchucker.

You could say it A.C., but I'd brand you a racist afterwards.


Jason: If you pick up the album let me know what you think?

Flood: If the album is not that bad I'll definitely consider picking it up now. I'm really feeling Weapon X.

Dallas: Are you trying to get me banned from the internets? I believe the correct title is "Gentleman with a spear."

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