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December 28, 2006



Im glad SOMEONE Spoke up about that Bob Dylan album. dont get me wrong, in his time Dylan was the man, and he is a music legend. But He, like the rolling stones, had his time in the light and currently is far from his A game. this album was very hard to listen to.


The album does nothing for me. Today I went back and listened to some of the album and my opinion hasn't changed.

Ryan - the RSL Weblog

The Swan Lake is definitely growing on me - but let's be perfectly honest... I wouldn't have given other artists the same opportunities to be liked that I gave this album. Its a good album, but not great. And what I was hoping for was something of significance here! I wanted to like it as much as Spencer Krug's Sunset Rubdown.. And nothing it seems will compare to Wolf Parade's "Apologies..." album.


Beast Moans definitely does require too much patience but it does grow on you. That said, it's no Apologies or Shut Up I'm Dreaming. And no matter how many times you hear it there will just be some unlistenable clunkers. As for the other three, you're dead on. That fucking Liars album is terrible. As I've said before, when someone tells me the drugs needed to enjoy it, I'll take them. But all the weed in the world can't even make that remotely listenable.



I feel bad lumping beast moans with drums not dead. Moans does have some redeeming qualities and I feel like it's an album I will go back to at some point down the road. On the other hand, drums not dead will never ever, ever rob another minute of my life.


I totally agree. The bar was set really high and Beast Moans was sort of an experiment.

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Every time I see blogs as good as this I KNOW I should stop surfing and start working on mine!

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