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November 22, 2006



Modest Mouse is awesome, what's up?


I love modest mouse and I'm there when they come back to NY. I was just a little disappointed, that's all.


I've heard/read nothing but negative coverage regarding this tour. Expectations can be a bitch.


i gotta say, calling isaac "the bullheaded type who doesn't play well with others" is a pretty silly & unfounded label. he did a whole album collaborating with 3 other big personalities that came out pretty great. there's also the 764-hero ep where he and john atkins layered their vocals on top of each other pretty well. and then there's is the wolf parade album. he may be a rough personality during interviews, but he seems to enjoy collaborations a whole lot more than the average musician.


Point taken. although wolf parade NEVER mentions his name which is a little strange. Also, Modest Mouse has been through a lot of line-up changes over the years. I just think Brock is a strong personality and it will be interesting to see how much say Marr has in the final product.


agreed. i think that the "people we wanted to know" track sounded like it was written by marr... you didn't list it so i guess they didn't play it at the bowery ballroom show. but we'll have to see for the rest of the album.


just saw modest mouse at the orpheum in boston and they were incredible. i must say that johnny marr definately stole the show.



glad you enjoyed the show. i'm sure at this point, after touring for a bit, they are on point and better then ever.

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