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October 06, 2006



Mines of King Soddom and Gommora

Episode I - Bush of the World

Atlantis, the end of 2000 B.B. (Before Bush), throne-room of Capitol Congress Palace, Newly erected King Geoshua the Busher II from Busher dynasty is proudly sitting on the throne, observing kneeled people from Administration of the Whitestone House

- Oh, greatest and thoughtful of the mortals, thunderbolt for unfaithful, defender of miserable, praise to you and to Floridian governors that weighted, weighted and calculated for you! For unaccountable shall be the holes voting for you! Long live for descendants of Busher dynasty!

- Let God praises all you too, my affiliates! Shall your daughters blossom and give birth to millions everlastingly, Green!

- We all are at your disposal, direct us! What should we do with fallen Albertuno Huronian and his lord Clintinimon Lewinsky? Styx them? Or send everlasting hemorrhoid with sodomizing effect?

- Let them live, my power is too great to crack peanuts with their thoughts’ heretical, wash his stains off, give him shepherd clothes and pastoral pipe and exile after all. Let him sing his Monikinean song. This will teach the profligate to admit truth in asceticism.

- Yet his wife in possession of power, wishes to take votes in supreme suburb, what should we do with her?

- Let her possess, rational and logical her deeds, tempers she heretical thoughts. As for that Monikinean hetera, give her to our public criers for exposure, order them to hunt her down forever…

- But sir, - whispered his privy councilor, Joshua Tennetean, - she is devoted messenger of ours, she done the blow job alright? We only offered her discount to live the rest of life in diamonds?

- You idiot, - silently Busher replied – for protocols I said indeed, give her a pension, medical insurance and order media to pump a Green!

- Yess, sir, but will it better to force her meet a realm of shadows?

- Idiot again, what plebs will think of it? Don’t bother, councilor, laugh will meet her words, no one would give a peace of shit for true. For if she spells our names in public, arrange a climax or send a death because of fatness…you know, you always get so many clues - Busher loudly appealed to audience:

- So, dear chosen ones, besides my brother Busher Floridian, we need to praise the deeds of father, Busher the First, many years to him and our country! Let Atlantis rules the World! A pillar of the humankind, colossus of the Earth and Themis across barbarians. We are to shudder the world in our pious intentions; bring our will to human kind; proclaim Thirteen Apostles’ Declaration to savage brothers of the World! For all time, Green!

- Green, green, green! In Green We Trust!

Episode II The Last Supper

Oval cabinet of the Whitestone Palace: Busher I and Busher II, Chief Vizier – Dick Cheneyan, Privy Councilor - Joshua Tennetean, Military Unit - Don Ramshteinfeld, IQ Advisor – Columbina Right

- My dear friends, we well performed “corps de ballet” – dully smiled Busher the Second, didn’t we my gorgeous father? – his face at words was outlined by savage cowboy smile at most

- Sonny, you looking far beyond your mind!

- Indeed my dear daddy, in contrary to you I’ll try to reach that sacred mines Saddam the worst creature owns

- Be careful sonny, I had that time all bets jack-potted, I knew all politicians by name, who is responsible for China, who is at throne in Hindu country, at least I even know my name in Aramaic (Note: BuSharon). Do you indeed feel so confidently about seeds you plan to sow?

- Don’t worry father, for what I need to know such data? I have my Columbina Right, here?

- Yess Sir! – replied Columbina

- Yassir? I thought he was somewhere in China from lessons taught some days ago?

- No sir, I am just at your disposal now…Dick also here to cover mind by facts & data, Don waiting for red button order, while Privy Councilor hides behind that secret door…that Billy used for relaxations…

- So, father, you see I’ve got all guns reloaded now, I also tend not complicate, we will divide the earth an axes: the evil, good, and “none to lose”, subdue the first ones till knockout, promise a money to the middles, and cock a snook to latter ones…it’s simple, father, like peace of cake to do…

- Oh! o dear! I am too old to play rodeo with foreign policy so much. Remember just one thing at last –whatever you do you must a nephrite supply give to us, provide the light, and green forever, for all time, Green! In Green We Trust!

- I do! I do! I do! Green Light for Deeds of Great Atlants!!! (chorus)

- So, what should we start from things to do?

- I have some cryptographic writings – replied Privy Councilor softly – it seems we came to last resort, achieved level of game over, civilization on the verge. To keep our culture from removal we need to seize a power over minds. Set rules and edicts, norms of justice, spread Altant values, faith across the world.

- Without nephrite it’s problematic – Busher the Second grunted loudly – I guess we need to be think-tankers to solve a problem from one short…

- Two shots – mysteriously whispered Joshua and added loudly – Thank God we now alone indeed. Our mighty enemy is lying down while remnants of the Red Empire still weak and suffer from the cleptocracy. But there is another danger, our beauty Europe’s rising. Though they are named friends of ours, we can’t relax, should closely watch them, unless they take all nephrite mines.

- By the way, another point is Celestial empire

- What is Celestial, Columbina? Who is their leader?

- It’s China, sir, and Hu is their new leader.

- That's what I want to know.

- That's what I'm telling you.

- That's what I'm asking you. Who is the new leader of China?

- Yes.

- I mean the fellow's name.

- Sonny, stop junk our brains, spell H for Human, U for Universe and you’ll receive a name of China’s lord!

- I see my dad, but Human Universe is not a name applied to a persons, it’s rather name of great Atlant Empire!

- Don’t mind, gentlemen, Right, please continue.

- China is huge, big country with people over billion at the nests. A dangerous and great opponent looking at the space…

- Then who is Mr. Putineus, Columbina?

- The head of big northern country that recently collapsed for a while; he is smart, with keen on a cryptography, and willing to restore Empire…

- Oh, God, shall we again hide in the bunkers from missiles at every Russian solder’s sneeze? Damn them, I see I hurried up with Clintinimon’s exile we should have finished him. He left us three biggest challenges so far…modest Europe, Celestial Empire pretending for a Human Universe and unsettled scores with oldest rival…

- Four, sir, - Joshua replied – we have another one. Europe as rich and glorious as Atlantis, though weaker because of lost ambitions to rule the Earth. Past bloody centuries were good enough. China just starts driving. The dead empire too weak to point it seriously. None of them is dangerous for us at current time. The fourth damn element are religious rivals that possess a horde of nephrite mines and trying overtake control.

- Suppress, destroy and capture!!!

- Don’t hurry up, my dear son, we have a League of Nation as a guide. War and Peace affairs ruler. The world’s last resort of nations. We can’t oppose those Coffee shoppers.

some commercial for a moment...

end of part one
to be continued

heybulldog entertainment project (c) 2004


hey guys, somebody posted my story about saddam without permission but with copyrights -) i am not so rights reserved but why did you change the name of story? ? -/ and no links?


Give The world full of loves! The Great Loves will be giving back to Human!

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