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August 15, 2006


Ryan's Smashing Life

Wow. Sounds like a pretty kool show.

*(sorry couldn't resist!)

Do you have any more pix?


sorry, that's the only picture I took. they were really strict about not taking photos. I was lucky I got my camera through the door since they were checking everyone.


I was there too. The KOOL cigarettes thing was overwhelming. The guy between acts was annoying as hell - especially because guess what, douchebag, I remember hip-hop from BEFORE Tribe Called Quest's first album. So stop yelling at me. I did like the way he did the running man though.

?uestlove's drum solo was sweet. I've never seen the Roots before but man, they leave it all on the stage. Great show.


HA! JD, I was thinking the same exact thing. I said to myself, If there's someone in this room from like 79' they must be laughing at this guy.

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